Talking about Strategic Influence and StuffWatch now (52 min) | Come see the panel, stay for carpet bombing Smurfs

February 2023

The misinformation around the Smith-Mundt Act borders on willful disinformation at this point
The "rhyming" nature of history and US "public diplomacy"

January 2023

Looking into the overdue nomination for Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy
There's value in digging into citations
Discussing "leadership" around "information warfare" with Asha Rangappa, plus other stuffWatch now (62 min) | Including: if GEC becomes a bureau, what of R?
A chat moderated by John Bicknell with Chris Paul and me
Subtitle: Procrastinating a few more minutes

December 2022

...with pictures
Discussing the past and present of political warfare and public diplomacy
A word that when used may constitute an act of the word
I’ve been busy with other things, preventing me from finishing my next entry here (spoiler: it’s about the word propaganda and it needs to be…