As an amateur amongst many endeavors to be both aware and prepared knowledgeably for what reality lays before us, this missive concerning optional frameworks and backbones for communication in an age of idiocracy parading as competently able to confront such, please accept the "Radio Free Earth" has a good solution oriented book and online presence, to assist any wisely seeking older technology for communications to deal with modern misuses of technology otherwise.

Be wise, safe & blessed,

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Maybe it is time for the free world to create a shortwave service to reach the American people inside their wall of censorship and criminalization of dissenting opinions.

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As the former director of the division at USAGM responsible for the conceptualization, design, and implementation of all USAGM terrestrial transmission systems, I have to take serious exception to some of the points in this commentary. I'll keep it to a couple of technical ones, which is the area of my expertise. USAGM still has the same shortwave capability that it had ten or more years ago. Not only that, USAGM is in the process of a multi-million dollar expansion of SW capability at one of its stations, adding multiple antennas and transmitters. So, to say that it is unknown if USAGM even still has SW capability shows a complete lack of knowledge of the state of the current USAGM broadcasting network.

Second, FM stations only cover "line of sight" so any FM station set up on the border of a country will have very, very limited penetration across the border. Implying that FM stations on the border can provide information significantly cross border into Russia is simply false.

These two gross errors in the article are sufficient to call into question any of the other points. One can argue all day about "audience research" and the effectiveness of SW versus USB drives, but physics and the actual existence of physical, operational assets are not subject to interpretation and to differences of opinion and are easily verifiable.

Gerhard Straub

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